Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


About the WGSN Futures Awards 2016

Dates and location

1. The WGSN Futures Awards 2016 ("the Event") will be organised by WGSN Limited of AirW1, 20 Air Street, London W1B 5DN and held at B1, Victoria House, Bloomsbury, London on 26 May 2016

Entry and Shortlist Dates

2. Applicants may submit their Award entries from 1 January 2016 and the closing date for submission will be midnight on 29 February 2016. Any late entries will be allowed at WGSN's discretion only. Shortlisted entries will be announced in March 2016.


3. Application for the Event is open to all those involved in fashion and retail, clothing production, manufacturing, advertising, design and marketing companies and so forth throughout the world.

4. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure the entrant has all necessary rights to use the intellectual property and/or the copyright in the brand or product submitted to the Event. Entries cannot be made without the prior permission of the retailer, designer, or other entity who owns the proprietary rights to the advertisement, the brand or product.

5. WGSN may refuse entries that offend national or religious sentiments or public taste.

6. Any entry that, up to and including the final day of judging, has infringed any of its country of origin's voluntary or regulatory codes of practice is not eligible. It is the responsibility of the entrant to inform WGSN should any infringement have arisen prior to the judging and Awards Ceremony.

7. All entries must be designed for screening, transmission or publication on television, mobile phones, internet and in public areas. Entries cannot be cancelled or removed from the competition after submission.

8. Only one entry per category is permitted. In the event that the same entry is submitted by two different entrants, only the first entry in time will be accepted. WGSN may contact the client related to any entry at the request of the Judges at any time during the voting process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.

9. WGSN will in its absolute discretion endeavour to move entries to more appropriate categories as it deems necessary. However, the Judges may not be allowed to move entries between categories.

10. All entry forms must be completed online at www.globalfashionawards.com ("the Site"). .

Enforcement of the Rules

11. In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, WGSN will in its discretion conduct a full investigation into each case and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned including the complainant, the entrants and the client.

12. WGSN will in its absolute discretion withdraw an award in cases where a relevant complaint is upheld.

13. Entrants or companies who are proved to have deliberately and knowingly contravened any rules relating to eligibility for the Event may be barred from entering the awards for a period of time following the Event as specified by the organisers.

Awards Categories:


Breakthrough Womenswear Designer (nomination only)

Breakthrough Menswear Designer (nomination only)

Breakthrough Footwear & Accessories designer (nomination only)

Avery Dennison Emerging Brand

Innovative Design Team

Sustainable Design Team


Best Digital Innovation

Best e-store (pureplay)

Best growth story

Best marketing initiative

Best multichannel business

Best new retail concept

Best start-up

Best store


Hall of Fame


Treatment and Publication of Entries

14. Any material submitted in the course of entering the Event becomes the property of WGSN and cannot be returned.

15. Entrants may be required and shall ensure that they are able to supply additional material of any shortlisted or winning work for the winners' DVD and any promotional publication and exhibitions held after the Event.

16. In order to promote the Event, each entrant authorises WGSN to screen or publish photographs, images or other recordings of the entry without charge at public or private presentations, wherever and as often as WGSN deems fit.

17. Any entry may be compiled by WGSN into a collection of entries. Such a collection may not, nor may any extracts of it, be copied, marketed or sold by any organisation other than WGSN or any organisation authorised to do so by WGSN. Nothing herein shall transfer brand or trademark rights to WGSN other than for the purpose stated herein.

18. Each entrant agrees to assist WGSN in supporting any legal action that may be taken to prevent a breach of condition 17 above and to supply information to WGSN immediately should they become aware that an unauthorised collection or compilation is available for sale or distribution.

19. Winners have the right to use any award given to them for promotional purposes on condition that it is correctly described as a “WGSN Futures Award”

20. All entrants accept that their entries may be used by WGSN for archive and promotional purposes.

21. Each entrant confirms to WGSN that they have the legal right to apply to enter the Event on the terms of these Entry Rules.

22. Each entrant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify WGSN against all liabilities, damages, claims, actions, costs and expenses which WGSN may suffer or incur in connection with or arising from a breach by the entrant of any of these Entry Rules.

Governing Law

23. The Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Entry Rules.


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